The Greensboro Aquatic center is one of the premier competitive swimming and diving facilities nationwide.  It is designed to host a variety of events ranging from small two-team swim meets, to major Intercollegiate championships, to Olympic Trials and International meets, and also to be the home venue for a variety of local teams. The facility seats 2,000 and is based around three separate main pool facilities:

  • An instructional/warm-up multi-use pool that is 6 lanes wide and 75’ long allows a variety of daily uses and instructional needs, including uses by elderly patrons and school groups;
  • A main, 50-meter competitive tank features an 8-foot minimum depth and two bulkheads which allow setup as two 25-yard pools, two 25-meter pools, or water polo. Designed to meet all NCAA Intercollegiate and FINA standards for a wide variety of competitive uses, the pool includes surrounding decks that will permit temporary bleachers during a multiple team event.  The pool also accommodates the traditional 25 yard course in a continuous series of cross-pool lanes, maximizing practice and meet opportunities.
  • A Diving well provides 1 meter, 3 meter and 10 meter diving arrangements.  The 10 meter tower further includes 5 meter and 7.5 meter platforms for training purposes.


Associated Firm: Teague Freyaldenhoven Freyaldenhoven Architects & Planners