the more things change.


Rosser┬áhas seen a lot of changes since we started back in 1947 as W.L. Edwards Consulting Engineers. In 1963, W.L. Edwards became Edwards & Rosser, Inc. Edwards & Rosser Inc. merged with White Hobbs McClellen, P.C. in 1974. People who have been around Atlanta for a really long time still think of us as FABRAP (Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild and Paschal) – an architectural firm that merged with Rosser White Hobbs Davidson McClellan Kelly, Inc. in 1984. In 1993 Rosser Fabrap became Rosser International, Inc.

Today we remain a privately held firm owned by individual shareholders and an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). We have a staff of about 80, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; and the Middle East.

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